Wait. You can do that in school?




We believe in the transformative power of education.

The Innovative Schools Cooperative is a national network of innovative independent schools, including renowned schools in Boston, Chicago, New York, City, Philadelphia, and San Fransisco. The Cooperative connects passionate, hard-working, and visionary educators to strengthen, support, and promote truly innovative education practice. Our schools represent the leading edge of education research, theory, and practice. We model innovative practice that helps change how parents and families think about education, schooling, and student learning.


San Francisco

Brightworks is a K-12 learning community that creates a meaningful learning experiences through hands-on, project-based experiential learning. Students use real tools, real materials, and real problems to develop a love of learning, curiosity about the world, tenacity to think big, and persistence to do amazing things.

The Workshop Independent School

The Workshop Independent School is an innovative middle | micro |maker school for diverse students and families in Brooklyn, New York. Students learn advanced academic skills through immersive, hands-on learning projects. Traditional instruction stifles student passions and limits students learning. They wonder: what if middle school were different?

Revolution School

Revolution School is a new high school in Philadelphia where students co-create their unique academic journey. Their dynamic, nimble education model of experiential learning and community partnerships provides students with the relevant skills to become independent investigators and shapers of the world around them.

Workspace Education
Bethel, CT

Workspace Education is a dynamic learning community for families and professionals. The Workspace vision is to build a vibrant learning community where children discover who they are, find their voice, unleash their passions, get mad skills, do enormous projects, contribute meaningfully to the world, and create for themselves the Best. Life. Ever.

Millennium School
San Francisco

Millennium School imagines a world where “success” is defined by practicing wisdom, love, and conscious action in all that we do. Millennium believes in the infinite potential of each students’ inner genius. They foster this development through an integrated, dynamic curriculum where students are actively engaged in the creation of their own learning journey.

Portfolio School
New York City

Portfolio School is an independent school in Tribeca currently serving grades K-5, adding a grade each year until we become a K-12 school. At Portfolio students learn to problem-solve, iterate, take risks, see failure as opportunity and make the most out of unexpected outcomes. It is a school where students will inquire, innovate, influence and inspire others.


Annual Conference

Each Spring, our school founders join together to learn and grow. We share our biggest challenges, our brightest successes, and our boldest questions. This year, we meet Sunday and Monday, March 17th and 18th in New York City.

Each Fall, Cooperative leadership hosts interested school leaders and instructional leaders for a conference on innovative school practice. Join us to learn in an intimate environment directly from our school founders.